Our Expertise


Our knowledge, training, and skills make us particularly qualified to perform a variety of services and tasks that not only enhance a project but ultimately save you time and money in the process.


We listen

No two clients are alike. We begin each project with a collaborative, team-driven approach between designers, planners, and our clients. The result? A project that helps our clients achieve success — a team-effort founded on good communication. We hear you because we listen.


We know

Dedicated to great architecture and design, we have developed specific areas of expertise in more than 10 different markets. Why? Our clients’ markets are changing every day, and they need an architect who can achieve their goals with the future in mind. We know that understanding our clients’ markets — from the industry vernacular to the process protocol — is essential to smart and sustainable architecture and design.


We lead

Architects Creation expanded its ownership to include members of the firm in 2015. We believe in investing in our future through the next generation of leaders. This non-traditional, but forward-thinking move, saw to it that our senior-level expertise would be retained and remain with the firm. Expanding Architects Creation ownership capitalizes on the proven expertise and strength of the firm, as well as our greatest resource — our people.





Architects Creation project management

project management


The most valuable asset that an architect can bring to a project is his or her creativity and spatial planning abilities. We can bring an interesting, new perspective to your new home design or an innovative design solution to a remodeling challenge. Even if you have a good design sense, an experienced architect or design professional can bring fresh design ideas that you never thought about. We can also take a complex list of programmatic requirements, preferences, and goals and turn them into a cohesive design.

Building + Construction Knowledge

Various national, state and local regulations govern what can be built and where. An architect has experience with building codes, zoning laws, and planning requirements that ensure user’s health, safety and welfare.  A good architect also keeps abreast of the latest construction materials and technologies that can make your housing project more efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Environmental Analysis

An architect has extensive training in analyzing sites, the environment, and the climate. We have the skill set to review various options for site locations and building placement to maximize the potential benefits for your project. By optimizing the siting and orientation of your home, we can take advantage of passive heating and cooling, maximize views to the outdoors, and respond to site-specific resources, utility access, or landforms.

Planning + Coordination + Administration

Architects are inherently good planners. We help you plan and design your project based on your specific project needs – whether you need to have multiple phases of construction, a short construction schedule, have harsh winters that are difficult to build in, or difficult site access.  We coordinate the efforts of various other professionals (engineers, product vendors, contractors and building officials) to make your project happen. When involved early on in the process, a good architect can understand the opportunities and challenges, develop creative solutions, and propose ways to reduce costs for your project. And when construction is under way, we are there as your advisor, to make sure the project is getting built per our construction drawings and appropriate industry standards.

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