Welcome to Architect Creation’s Vastu Shastra services in Bhopal! We are delighted to greet you with a variety of professional services with the goal of increasing the flow of positive energy in your home or workplace. Our professional Vastu experts are on a mission to provide you with customized remedies that are designed to help you in achieving harmony and balance in your environment.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that emphasizes the energy that flows in the environment. It says these energies can have a substantial impact on the health, happiness, and prosperity of its residents.

Keeping this in mind, our best vastu shastra consultant in Bhopal studies your house and working place using their knowledge and experience to suggest you some possible solutions to promote a positive flow of energy.

Vastu Shastra Services


Vastu-Based Design

Our architects and Vastu Shastra consultants in Bhopal collaborate to create a design that follows Vastu Shastra's principles. They make sure that the design looks good but also foster positive energy flow for the well-being of its people.


Site Analysis

Examine the site thoroughly to determine its energy potential and to find any negative energy spots that need to be addressed. We then make recommendations on how to improve the energy flow in the space.


Space Planning

We design a space plan that is maximized for positive energy flow and supports the intended use of the space. Check the placement of furniture, windows, doors, and other aspects if they follow Vastu Shastra principles or not.

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